About Us

Brett and Whittney at the Columbus Zoo Thanksgiving 2007

On a dark and rainy night in June of 2006, WhittneyLynn kissed Brett. That was it. A year and a half later, they’re happily married and expecting…to stay that way. The following is a little more about us in case it’s been a while since we’ve caught up…

Although this is our family site, it is primarily Whittney’s blog. I(Brett) have been invited, as a guest author, to write a little about her on the about page and the occassional post. It’s only fair you know who you’ll be dealing with.

WhittneyLynn grew up in South Jordan where they discovered the Big Bang. Actually, they discovered big bangs. She doesn’t have them though, she’s got really pretty hair with normal sized bangs. And awesome eyes. She also has one brother, one sister, one dad, one mom, and a dog named Mallory who is nearly as awesome as Maggie, who I’m sure you’ll hear about later.Whittney graduated from Bingham High School in 2002 and from Brigham Young University in 2006, where she received a degree in Marketing Communications and Advertising. Today, she works at a company called Move Networks which is the same place her handsome husband works.Her favorite food is bread, her favorite color is black (to wear) and pink (to look at), her birthday is December 7th, she talks (a lot) but doesn’t walk in her sleep, she went through a punk phase in junior high (which she constantly refers to as “middle school”), she loves to read (she’s doing it right now), and she hates to be cold (I know, sometimes she’s a bit irrational, but it’s cute).When she was younger she spent a couple of summers with family who lives in Bermuda, and took me there shortly after we got hitched. That’s where we took the picture you might have seen near the top of the blog. One day we’ll live there or in Switzerland—and when we do, you’re all invited to spend the night, but be sure to bring your own toothbrush and fruits.

Now for my (Whittney speaking) turn to blab a little about Brett and just for clarification, HE kissed ME.

Brett grew up in Bountiful on Lakeview Drive and surrounded by a wonderfully amazing family and the best group of friends ever imagined. His mom says he was sweet and cuddly and I have to say he is still this way today. He liked to wear helmets around, create disco lounges in his garage and steal the neighbor’s llama.Brett served a mission for the LDS (not LSD) church in Geneva, Switzerland and graduated from BYU in 2007 in Advertising and Graphic Design where we met in the most boring research class ever taught. One day, he wants to retire, work for the Forest Service and live in an isolated cabin deep in the forests of Alaska with his dog, Maggie. He also has dreams of having a pet bear, owning 300 guns and “living off the land”. Sounds a little scary huh?

Brett loves to collect flashlights and has a fetish for paper and paper products. Probably something to do with his dad being in the printing business. He also loves his Nintendo Wii, his new messenger bag, his nephews Noah and Logan and neice Lily, doing absolutely anything outdoors, skiing, all kinds of electronics (gadgets and gizmos), his manly truck, his Swiss Army knife that he wears on his belt and his gray shoes that he would wear to church if he could.

Brett is also the kindest, most generous person I’ve ever met and my greatest example. I’m grateful for him and so blessed that he’s my husband. And hopefully, you’ll all be lucky enough to one day enjoy the pure joy of his unique sense of humor.