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What Brett has been working on:

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

For a little over a year, Brett has been working on a website ( that lets people read childrens books online together even if they live far away. The site uses video chat and digital books so that you can see and hear each other as you read. It’s perfect for grandparents with grandkids who live out of town, parents who travel a lot for business, and other situations where you’d want to read with little kids who don’t live close by. It would have been perfect when Noah and Logan lived in Ohio, and us in Utah.

There are guest and member accounts, and a family usually only needs one member account (guests are free). Choosing the right account for you might be a little confusing, so if you have questions about which to chose, send Brett an email and tell him to make it a little easier to understand 🙂 And if you check Readeo out and want an account (you will!), you can use the code “readeolaunch” to get a free month.